U. S. A.

     * Alabama

             Gadsden State Community College

             University of Alabama/ELI  

     * Arkansas

             University of Arkansas/Spring International Language Center

             University of Arkansas, Little Rock  

     * Arizona

             Arizona State University

             University of Arizona  

     * California

             AF International School of Languages Inc.

             ASPECT-San Diego Center

             ASPECT-San Francisco Center

             CAL America Education Institute

             California State U., Bakersfield

             California State U., Chico

             California State U., Dominguez Hills

             California State U., Fresno

             California State U., Fullerton

             California State U., Hayward

             California State U., LA

             California State U., Long Beach

             California State U., Northridge/EF

             California State U., Northridge

             California State Univ., San Marcos

             California State U., Stanislaus

             California State U., San Bernardino

             Chapman University/ELS

             Citrus College /FLS

             City College of San Francisco

             College of The Canyons/ELS

             Dominican University of California/ELS

             EF-Santa Barbara Center

             ELS - San Diego Center

             ELS - San Francisco Center

             Embassy CES Los Angeles

             Embassy CES San Francisco Center

             Embassy CES San Diego Center

             GEOS - Costa Mesa Center

             GEOS - Torrance Center

             GEOS - San Francisco Center

             Golden Gate University

             Humboldt State University

             ICLS-San Diego Center(Internexus)

             Irvine Valley College/Kaplan-LCP

             Intrax English Institute - San Francisco Center

             Intrax English Institute - San Diego Center

             International House-San Diego Center

             International House-San Francisco Center

             International House-Santa Monica Center

             Kaplan-LCP Los Angeles City Center

             Kaplan-LCP Sacramento Center

             Kaplan-LCP San Francisco City Center

             LSI - Berkeley Center

             LSI - San Diego Center

             Mills College/EF

             Menlo College/Intrax

             MiraCosta College/FLS

             Oxnard College/FLS

             POLY Language Inst.-Irvine Center

             POLY Language Inst.-LA Center

             POLY Language Inst.-Pasadena Center

             San Diego State University/American Language Institute

             San Francisco State University

             San Jose State University

             Santa Babara City College/Aspect

             United States International University/EF

             University of California, Berkeley

             University of California, Davis

             University of California, Irvine

             University of California, Los Angeles

             University of California, Riverside

             University of California, San Diego

             University of California, San Francisco

             University of California, Santa Barbara

             University of California, Santa Cruz

             University of Southern California

             Whittier College/ASPECT  

     * Colorado

             Colorado School of Mines/Interlink Language Center

             Colorado State University

             Johnson & Wales University/ELS

             University of Colorado at Boulder

             University of Colorado at Denver/American Language Center-IEP

             University of Denver  

     * Connecticut

             University of New Haven/ELS

             Yale University(Summer Only) 

     * District of Columbia

             Georgetown University

             Kaplan-LCP Washington D.C. City Center  

     * Delaware

             University of Delaware  

     * Florida

             Barry University/ELS

             Barry University/(OEI)Language company

             Bollettieri Sports Academy/YLSC(InterNexus)

             EF - Miami Center

             Embassy CES Fort Lauderdale Center

             Eckerd College/ELS

             Florida Inst. of Tech./ELS

             LSI - Jacksonville Center

             Stetson University/ELS

             Talk International

             University of Central Florida /ASPECT

             University of Florida  

     * Georgia

             Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College/ELSC(InterNexus)

             Southern Polytechnic State University/ELS

             Georgia Inst. of Technology

             Georgia State University

             University of Georgia  

     * Hawaii

             Hawaii Pacific University

             University of Hawaii, Manoa

             GEOS - Honolulu Center  

     * Iowa

             Iowa State University

             University of Iowa  

     * Illinois

             Dominican University/ELS

             Depaul University-English Language Academy

             Illinois Inst. of Technology/ASPECT

             Illinois State University

             Intrax English Institute-Chicago Centers

             Kaplan-LCP Chicago Center

             Rockford College/ELSC(Internexus)

             University of Illinois at Chicago

             University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

             Chicago Language Studies(IEI)  

     * Indiana

             Indiana State University/Interlink Language Center

             Indiana University, Bloomington

             Indiana University-Purdue University/ELS

             University of Indianapolis/ELSC(InterNexus)

             Valparaiso University/Interlink Language Center

             Indiana University, South Bend/(SBEI)Language Company  

     * Kansas

             Fort Hays State University/(HLI)Language Company

             Kansas State University

             University of Kansas

             Wichita State University  

     * Kentucky

             Morehead State University/English Language Center

             Murray State University/English as a Second Language Program

             University of Louisville

             Western Kentucky University/ESLI  

     * Louisiana

             Loyola University/Loyala Intensive Enlgish Program

             McNeese State University/ESLI  

     * Massachusetts

             Anglo-Continental School of English-Boston

             Boston School of Modern Language

             Boston University

             Dean College/ASPECT

             Dean College/FLS

             EF - Boston Center

             Emmanuel College/ELS

             GEOS - Boston Center

             Harvard University / Summer School

             Kaplan-LCP Boston Center

             Lasell College/Embassy CES Boston Center

             LSI - Boston Center

             The New England School of English

             Pine Manor College-English Language Institute 

     * Maine

             University of Maine, Orono  

     * Maryland

             University of Maryland  

     * Michigan

             Ferris State University

             Michigan Language Center

             Michigan State University

             Wayne State University/ELI 

     * Minnesota

             Global Language Institute/Hamline University

             University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

             University of St. Thomas/ELS(Minesota)

             University of Minnesota/Minnesota English Center 

     * Missouri

             University of Missouri-Kansas City

             Washington University

     * Mississippi

             Mississippi State University  

     * Montana

             Montana State University/ACE  

     * North Carolina

             Queens College/ELS

             University of North Carolina, Greensboro/Interlink Language Center  

     * North Dakota

             North Dakota State University  

     * Nebraska

             Creighton University

             University of Nebraska at Omaha

             Doane College/Midwest Inst. for International Studies  

     * New Hampshire

             University of New Hampshire  

     * NewJersey

             Fairleigh Dickinson University,Teaneck/ELS

             Rutgers University, New Brunswick

             Rutgers University, Newark  

     * New Mexico

             University of New Mexico  

     * Nevada

             Southern Nevada College/FLS

             University of Nevada, Reno

             University of Nevada, Las Vegas English Language Center 

     * New York

             Adelphi University/ELS

             Berkeley Colleges/ICLS(InterNexus)

             College of Mount St. Vincent/ELS

             College of St. Rose/ELSC(Internexus)

             Columbia University

             Cornell Univesity

             CUNY-Baruch College

             CUNY-The College of Staten Island

             CUNY-Hunter College

             CUNY-Queens College

             Embassy CES New York Center

             ELS - Manhattan Center

             GEOS - New York Center

             Juilliard School/ELS

             Kaplan - LCP New York Center

             Manhattan College/ASPECT

             Marymount College/EF

             New York University

             Rennert Bilingual

             Rensselear Polytechnic Inst./Kaplan-LCP

             Rochester Institute of Technology/English Language Institute

             State Univ. of New York, Buffalo/ELI

             State Univ. of New York, Stony Brook

             SUNY at Albany

             SUNY at New Paltz

             Zoni Language Centers  

     * Ohio

             Case Western Reserve University/ELS

             Ohio State University

             Ohio University

             University of Akron

             University of Findlay  

     * Oklahoma

             St. Gregory's University/(SEI)Language Company

             Oklahoma City University/ELS

             Oklahoma State University

             Tulsa English Institute/Language Company

             University of Central Oklahoma/(ELI)Language Company  

     * Oregon

             International House-Portland Center

             Oregon State University

             Portland State University/Intensive English Language Program

             University of Oregon

             Western Oregon University/ELSC(Internexus)  

     * Pennsylvania

             Drexel University

             Lock Haven University/FLS

             Pennsylvania State University

             Point Park College/ELS

             St. Joseph's University/ELS

             Temple University

             University of Pennsylvania

             University of Pittsburgh

             Widener University/(PLI)Language company  

     * South Carolina

             University of South Carolina/English Programs for Internationals  

     * Tennessee

             Maryville College

             University of Tennessee, Knoxville

             University of Tennessee, Martin

             The University of Memphis/Intensive English for Internationals 

     * Texas

             Baylor University/ESLI


             Texas Tech University

             University of Dallas

             University of Houston, Downtown

             University of Houston

             University of Texas at Arlington/English Language Institute

             University of the Incarnate Word/ELS

             University of St. Thomas/ELS

             West Texas A&M University/ESLI  

     * Utah

             ELSC-Salt Lake Center(Internexus)

             ELSC-Southern Utah Center(Internexus)

             University of Utah

             Utah State University  

     * Virginia

             George Mason University

             Virginia Commonwealth University

             Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University/ELI 

     * Washington

             ACE-North Seattle Center

             Bellevue Community College

             Centralia College

             Central Washington University

             Eastern Washington University

             Edmonds Community College

             Evergreen State University/EF

             Green River Community College

             Highline Community College/Kaplan-LCP

             Kaplan-LCP Seattle Center

             Pacific Lutheran University/ACE

             Seattle Pacific University/ACE

             Seattle University/ELS

             Skagit Valley College/ACE

             Tacoma Community College

             University of Washington

             Washington State University

             Western Washington University 

     * Wisconsin

             University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

             Wisconsin English Second Language Institute  

     * West Virginia

             West Virginia University